About Us

Let’s get it straight: we are keen to know exactly how to benefit as investors from the coming blockchain boom!

There is lots of information on fintech and blockchain in particular, but it is extremely hard to understand where and how to invest in order to ride the fintech wave.

With Finance 2.0, our aim is to bring clarity in the investment opportunities in the fintech space, knowing that:

  • most of the investment opportunities are for accredited investos
  • the banking industry will do whatever it can do ‘monopolize’ this sector
  • the successful applications that will drive blockchain are yet to be discovered by the world
  • it is not clear when the key hurdles in the blockchain will be solved.

taki4The founder of Finance 2.0 is Taki Tsaklanos. He is truly passioned by financial markets, worldwide and across asset classes, as well as the digital world.

In the past, he had founded a precious metals blog (GoldSilverWorlds.com) which was sold to a U.S. based investment group. He was a strategic analyst / head of research, at SecularInvestor.com, a subscription based online service focused on commodities and precious metals.

Besides Finance 2.0, he is also running the investment blog InvestingHaven.com and MountainVision.com (together the private Swiss wealth management firm BFI Capital).

Any question, suggestion or proposal? Feel free to get in touch.

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