Bitwage Partnership in Improving Services to EU Customers

Recently, the biotin firm Bitwage announced the release of IBAN numbers unique for all its users receiving their wages in the European Union. The San Francisco-based bitcoin payment company said that it has been working on improving its European solutions after having received grant from Bpifrance and relocating half its team to Paris as winners of the France Tech Ticket.

The bitcoin firm partnered with a new bank with the aim being to improve services to the EU consumers. Through this partnership, Bitwage is now able to offer more solutions to EU clients more efficiently. Bitwage assures EU users that they can now make a direct deposit with ease to any wallet of their choosing, thereby improving user efficiency.

Bitwage, as a result, has now enabled two upgrades to their solutions that include:

Real-time tracking

Before the partnership, users had to wait to see their funds until the exchange processed the payrolls. Today, this is no longer an issue as the users can now see their transactions in real-time. Users can now receive their wages the same day the bitcoin exchange receives the funds.

Readily accepted Deposits

Previously, if there were any unclear information or data attached to the funds, users had to go through the claim process, Users had to upload personal information confirming the funds belong to them. Users no longer face such issues. With the latest unique IBANs, authentication and security enhancement ensure users get salaries from European Union companies without having to make deposit claim. Payment description is no longer a requirement for such business transactions. For more information, click this link

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