Blockchain May Soon Revolutionize Online Gaming for a Fairer System

If you’ve ever had any association with the online gaming industry, you know it involves obstructive intermediaries to facilitate revenue. Most of these intermediaries are the big guns like Apple and Google taking a huge revenue percentage. It’s brought a tiresome process for those in online gaming who continually lose money as a result.

This doesn’t stop here when you consider any trading of data during online gaming has no complete security. Because of this, it makes those playing online games more circumspect in the virtual goods they share with fellow players.

Much of this could change soon with blockchain technology becoming a major backbone in the online gaming world.

The Challenge for Game Developers

As Venture Beat recently noted, many independent game developers have a hard time gaining any profit because of central authorities being middlemen. At play here is the complex territory of ownership over digital assets traded between players.

If you’re in this industry, you’re already aware of these issues for in-game assets used in games like World of Warcraft. However, it applies to other gaming sites like e-sports companies.

In all cases, these companies have to rely on centralized servers to protect digital assets from being stolen. These provide numerous obstacles for those who wish to sell their assets beyond the games.

Yet, exchanging these assets still poses major security risks when having to rely on corporate intermediaries.

Blockchain Bringing Security and Transparency in Online Gaming

A new level of trust between game owners and asset traders can occur using blockchain technology thanks to bringing a decentralized network. Now digital goods in gaming become freely traded while providing a transparent record.

Many companies are already working on this, with a leader in providing a popular blockchain platform for gaming.

Others include Beyond The Void, which is an actual online game giving you complete ownership of your items. You’re free to exchange them with other players without any obstructions or security concerns. They use the popular blockchain feature of smart contracts, giving direct connection between developers and gamers.

Heightened Security

With so many DDoS attacks out there, blockchain would prevent sudden shutdowns of online gaming sites due to hackers. The same goes for hackers potentially stealing private data.

Last year, Pokemon Go had a DDoS attack that never would have happened had blockchain been in use then.

Despite being around for over a dozen years, blockchain is about to change everything once it finally becomes placed into the digital domain. It’ll make gaming an even more popular pastime without feeling like literal Russian Roulette.

Keep reading us at Blockchain Revolution to learn about the latest news in this exciting technology.

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