Cryptocurrencies: The Difference Between Monies

The word cryptocurrencies is becoming widely more popular in today’s market, and it may seem a bit confusing to those of you who are less tech savvy. Take a look around, have you noticed a reduced amount of cash transactions in the past few years? Currencies are becoming less physical. In the past, anything given worth could be bartered for goods or services. Typically, substances that were rare or in high demand, such as precious metals, were the most common currencies. This system has made way for the digital age. Cryptocurrencies have value because they offer a few highlighted features.


Because of their anonymous nature, cryptocurrencies offer users the ability to do business incognito from their government. Having your money in a cryptocurrency can save you from having to pay taxes or do things you would rather others not know you are doing.

Fee Reduction

Currently, the USD system works much like a cryptocurrency without the anonymous nature in addition to heavy regulations. Because your digital funds are regulated by banks and the government, there are fees charged each time you use your debit card or have to go through another institution. This is not as prevalent with cryptocurrencies because the systems are monitored by one central algorithm and not several greedy individuals.


The worth of cryptocurrencies is very unstable and is capable of changing by hundreds of dollars in as little as a day. This instability is unlike that of the U.S. dollar and other government currencies, which change by fractions of their worth in the same time. This volatility gives cryptocurrencies an edge and you the ability to make great deals of money.

Whether you are interested in Auroracoin, Bitcoin, BlackCoin, or any other cryptocurrency, there are several benefits to purchasing digital currency rather than leaving your funds in your bank.

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