Top 2 Disruptive FinTech Apps of 2017

Fintech apps are disrupting the financial services scene in new ways every day. Predictive analytics bring immense value to the table in terms of both functionality and efficiency. Two of the hottest FinTech startups that are using predictive analytics serve a purpose in many verticals simultaneously. Intellaegis combines database management and predictive analytics to keep your business ahead of the curve because by the time data has been viewed and analyzed from the market, it has already become obsolete. The flow of data, its interpretation, and the need for more data bring big data into necessity, and as a result, we need tools that are ready for big data. Intellaegis and Feedzai are two such tools.

Intellaegis helps you to ensure unique leads are kept in your database and that you have the analytical capability to maintain each group of segmented leads. Segmentation of leads and properly maintaining each lead allows you to target your efforts to the consumers who need or want the information and products the most.

Feedzai backs up your ability to ensure customer data retention by giving you a fraud prevention and analysis platform that is based on machine learning. Combining machine learning with current fraud prevention best practices helps to ensure that your clients can retain trust in your enterprise as well as, their customers do in their security.

Between the ability of Intellaegis to store and process data and Feedzai to utilize machine learning for the purpose of securing proprietary and consumer data, these two tools have secured a place in the most disruptive FinTech applications in 2017 thus far.

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