3 Fintech Apps and Startups to Watch in 2017

With the growth of the internet things can become financially crazy. Often being compared to the wild west. There’s great opportunities and discoveries lying around every corner. So what’s next? Well with all of this rapid development comes the excitement of seeing all of the new apps and companies to approach, here’s a key few that may come along to be game changing apps and companies.

  • Sofi: This one is very innovative. Aimed at college graduates, this company allows many of those graduates to refinance those pesky school loans. With the climbing student debt all over the US, it’s just a matter of time before more companies like Sofi focus on making a change for those college graduates so they can better handle their loans.
  • Robinhood: This brings stock-trading to you. People and even businesses have always been looking for a more simple and direct way of investing in stocks. Typically done through the complex process of hiring investors to do it for you. There have been sites made so just about anyone can get online and invest in a stock of their choice. Usually these comes with fees. Robinhood allows this all to be done with absolutely no fees.
  • Planwise: Fintech is all about the finances, and if there is one financial service you need to keep your eyes on, it’s Planwise. Today being able to handle your finances properly and effectively is key for sustenance. Planwise helps teach you how to do this all while reaching financial goals.

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