How Startups in the Finance Sector Improve Money Transfer Services

Online money transfers are an important part of everyday life. Fintechs emerge to be a true solution by making money transfers swift and giving consumers the authority to carry out transactions from anywhere in the world. The financial crisis hit in 2008 felt like a turning of the tide with big banks being destabilized and consumer confidence going low. This was the time when the advancement in the technology allowed fintech startups to move ahead than traditional banks. Out of all the advancements, the elimination of branch and office network was the biggest benefits technology provided with.

Unlike the traditional banking system, online money transfer services innovated by fintechs are not only easy & quick but also low cost and highly secured.

Here’s a quick list of fintech startups you can browse to transfer money internationally in one of the easiest ways.


Azimo aims to offer quick, economical and simple international money transfers to people across the world. Positioned in London, the startup was initially founded by Michael and Marta who have come up with a motto to secure your money is the best ways possible. A simple 3 step transfer process is all you need to follow to send funds to any bank account in the world. The service can be executed at 20,0000 cash pickup locations, to mobile wallets and home delivery. The minimum transfer for overseas payment with Azimo is £5.


TransferWise is an international money transfer service which makes use of real exchange rates to allow people send money abroad at the lowest possible cost. Backed by a team of smart investors, the firm is looking forward to making financial services simple, reliable and cost free.

Money Mover

Money Mover empowers businesses to make international payments quick, safe and with transparent pricing. Easy to use, Money Mover’s service allows you to transfer money between any account you have. Whether one needs to move money today or automatically save a little from each pay cheque, everything can be managed online without having to visit a branch.

Fintech is certainly moving quickly by implementing peer to peer based money transfers worldwide. The startups mentioned above make the right choice and allow you to deliver cash quickly and send money.

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